...Total Density™

All Total Density™ patent pending servers have:

  • High reliability
  • Optimum performance
  • Highest density
  • Standard form factor
  • Easy administration
  • Standard ATX compatibility
  • Modular maintainability
  • Are priced competitively with other systems that do not have these advantages.
...One Sided Access™
  • Integration and administration are made easier with One Sided Access™ where all connections, power, peripherals and controls are accessed on the same panel.

...Modular Manageability
...Cooling in the Round
  • The Total Density "W" TM is comprised of two identical independent 1U modules mounted back to back hence the name double U "W", with a total depth of 28".  The Total Density TM server solutions have independent power supplies for each motherboard within the system.  Modularity makes the Total Density “W” TM more flexible.  As an example, AMD CPUs could be used on one end and Intel CPUs on the other for specific application needs.

  • Easy maintainability with modular rail mounting. Each module slides out of the rack independently allowing the opposite end to still operate.*

  • Patent Pending, Cooling in the Round™ is a superior technological design enabling cooling across crucial components, such as CPU's, Hard Disks, Power Supplies and other components for INCREASED Reliability and performance.

...NO Intel CPU "Throttle Down"
  • Intel CPU "Throttle Down" is a a feature provided by Intel in protecting their CPU's from heat damage.  When a CPU is not adequately cooled and runs too hot, “Throttle Down” slows down the clock rate on the CPU to avoid overheating and further damage.  The protection is good, although it means your system is not operating at the speed purchased.  Patent Pending Cooling in the Round TM, assures the Intel CPU will run at the speed specified for optimal performance.

  • To learn more about Intel's "Throttle Down" check it out at http://www.Intel.com

...No Risk Purchase
  • Total Density™ systems are high density, 4 processors 1U servers (Intel XEON™, Intel Pentium 4™, AMD Opteron™ or AMD Athlon MP™), that utilize a standard form factor; mounts into standard 19" racks as well as utilizes standard ATX motherboards.

...LAN Adapter Tag ID
  • All Pt Total Density™ products leave the manufacturing floor with LAN Adapter IDs clearly visible to make finding the server easy in a large farm.

...No need for HOT-Swap or COLD-Swap
  • Overheating will shorten the life of any system disk. Hence proper cooling is essential to it’s reliability. The need for HOT-Swap or COLD-Swap is not the case for our Total Density™ servers.  Patent Pending Cooling in the Round™ constantly provides high speed air over the disk to enable them to operate at low temperatures and increase longevity.

*Site and rack configurations may pose some limitation.
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